During the second phase of the master programme in Tourism Destination Management, the students carry out assignments at three different locations in the Asia Pacific. They are currently in the first of three destinations: the city of Melbourne in Australia. This is an account of the first impressions of group two: Gemma, David, Daisy, Mellisa, Stephan, Veit.

Coming into Melbourne was quite an elating feeling with the skyline glowing as our taxi sped by. Melbourne is a vibrant city that filled most of us with awe. It is not only the gigantic and glamorous flats of the city center that makes it appear prosperous and vibrant but also the always busy streets of the central town that gives one the notion of the presence of enough activities.

Another interesting issue is the presence of so many institutions of learning. This shows that despite its vibrant nature, it is a place rife with knowledge that can be rewarding to the curious and eager to learn visitor. It blends different origins into one and thus giving even those of us who easily feel strange in foreign countries the feeling of belonging. The city is also very clean as people tend to be very conscientious about littering. It is unlike many other metropolitans where people do not care about dropping a stub of cigarettes or a piece of paper.

These are the impressions of only the first two weeks; we think more experiences will be revealed in the coming weeks.

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