An article about alternative tourism in Palestine by NHTV Lecturer Rami Isaac, was published in Tourism, Hospitality, Planning & Development Journal:

Violence, conflict and war, being sporadic or systematic, may affect uninvolved potential tourists. The eruption of the second Palestinian uprising (Intifada) in October 2000 (its Arab name Al-Aqsa Intifada) introduced Bethlehem to a reality of fluctuating political violence and counter-violence, tension and instability. But it has also promoted and brought about the emergence of a new tourist phenomenon whereby certain tourists and visitors come to the city, which lies at the heart of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, in order to show their solidarity and support for Palestine and Palestinians.

Isaac, R. (2009) Alternative Tourism: Can the Segregation Wall in Bethlehem be a Tourist Attraction? Tourism, Hospitality, Planning & Development 6: 3, 247-254.