Julio Benedetti

Julio Benedetti

Master in Tourism Destination Management graduation thesis by TDM student Julio Benedetti on destination competitiveness (November 2010)

Why ‘the competitiveness of Brazil as a Dutch holiday destination’?

Destination competitiveness is a very recent topic that has been gaining attention due to the increasing competitive environment that tourism destinations have been facing, but so far it has been investigated mainly on a generic basis and more situation-specific studies are needed. Moreover, there is still insufficient academic research on Brazil as a tourism destination.

Brazil is an emerging country undergoing through enormous economical and social changes. It is predicted to become the 5th largest global economy by 2025 and it was recently announced as host for both the World Cup 2014 and the Olympic Games 2016, which puts the country’s tourism and travel industry in the world spotlight.

Netherlands is the world’s 15th most important long-haul outbound market, and over 80% trips undertaken by Dutch international travellers were for holiday purposes, a number which is forecasted to reach 40 million by 2015. It is the 15th most important source market to Brazil, but number of arrivals have been dropping since 2005. 40% Dutch travelers to Brazil visit the country for holiday purposes;

Goal:  to analyse the competitiveness of Brazil as a tourism destination for the Dutch outbound holiday market

• Who are the competitor destinations?   • What are the factors of competitiveness?  • How important are these factors? • What is the performance of Brazil and its competitors in each factor?   • And its practical implications?

Research design & methodology

Phase 1: Defining a set of factors & competitors: literature review and qualitative survey with 63 Dutch travel industry members during an event of the Brazilian Tourism Board in Amsterdam;

Phase 2: Defining the importance of factors & performance of Brazil and competitors: online survey with 48 Dutch travel agents and tour operators, who rated importance-performance through a Likert scale from 1 to 5;

Main conclusions

Research resultsThe main competitors of Brazil in the Dutch holiday market are Mexico, Cuba, Thailand. South Africa is as competitive as Brazil; the least competitive destination is Costa Rica;

• Thailand was never considered as a competitor of Brazil by previous researches: interestingly, the results goes in accordance to the new competitive position of Brazil: its competitive set is expanding from regional to worldwide destinations;

• The five most important factors that influence the competitiveness of a long-haul destination in the Dutch holiday market are climate, cost-value, tourism attitude, nature and safety;

• Some pratical implications: Brazil should focus more on cost-value and safety, for instance, and less in climate, when designing its destination strategies and marketing actitivies;

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