TDM Destinations 2015 In the beginning of October we revealed the destination for the 2nd phase of TDM 2015.

The students will start their fieldwork with a month in the most livable city in the world: Melbourne! Since the beginning of TDM Melbourne has been one of the favorite destinations to start with, the friendly atmosphere of the city, the people and the accessibility of interesting people with a good story to tell has drawn the NHTV to the south of Australia many times. Although we normally try to avoid visiting the same destination two years in a row the positive attitude and great program last year convinced us to go to Melbourne again.

The second destination will be a very interesting one, this country has recently opened up and many developments are going on. The TDM program 2015 will continue in the Golden land: Myanmar. In 2014 the NHTV visited Myanmar with the International Tourism Management and Consultancy bachelor fieldwork trip and was happily surprised by the cooperation and attitude of people towards the students. This cooperation went so far that the Minister of Hotels and Tourism, Mr. Htay Aung found time to held a Q&A session with the first shift in Bagan and the second shift in Yangon. The support we received was in the end decisive for us to choose Myanmar as the second destination. The country is in transition and is tremendously interesting in regards of the development of the tourism industry.

After their month in Myanmar the TDM students will travel on to Singapore, here they will have a small week in which they can refuel their batteries for the final destination. Singapore is seen as a little break in the program, therefore they will not have to fulfill any assignments here. However, as we have a few interesting contacts we choose to organize an one day program in which they will learn a lot about the history and the dynamics of this spectacular destination.

To conclude the 2nd phase the students will fly to the third destination, this place has become very familiar to the TDM program but and is changing rapidly: Bali, Indonesia. This booming tourist destination is one like no other, the scale of developments going on are enormous and still it has a great potential for the future. This combination makes it extremely interesting from a Tourism Destination Management perspective and we are very eager to put together a great program there once again.

In November Theo de Haan, Rami Isaac and Gido van den Brand have visited these destinations to prepare a quality program. Next week de students will be informed about these programs thoroughly and we’ll prepare another blog post after that so keep an eye on the website!

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