New faces, new experience and new success for TDM

A wonderful cooperation between Caroline (Marketing Dept responsible for Master Programs) Herman Jan (Coordinator TDM) Gesa, Marianne and Luca (TDM students) has lead to the biggest display of interest in our program in years. Again the importance of actually meeting future students and their “sponsors” should not be under estimated. A talk and a presentation cannot beat any website, video or other publication. The feeling of the institution and being able to “feel” the course has done its work.

Smiling faces all around as records were broken that day. A near 6000 interested future professionals visited NHTV and a record was set for TDM as well. Thanks to all who contributed to this success. We now know a lot more and have started to build a relationship with those potentials which will joint this unique course in September.

If you want to have more information about any of the studies offered at the NHTV or TDM in particular please write down the following dates in your agenda:
Open days:
29/01/2015 Thursday evening
14/03/2015 Satuday
16/04/2015 Thursday evening