Master TDM Research in Myanmar by Eline Bienefelt Today is ten days ago that we arrived in Myanmar, in the capital city Yangon. The first impression of this country is warm, chaotic, and poor but with friendly and open people. Mingalaba! Is what you hear everywhere around you which means: welcome, I’m curious about you. We were warned about poor internet connections and a lack of ATM’s. However, at the airport free internet was available as were a couple of ATM’s. We asked the taxi driver to wait but he followed us helpfully to point us towards the ATM. He was very curious how we tried to get a couple of hundred thousands kyatts from the ATM machine. He stood there very friendly and I wondered if I could trust him, but he was only curious and positively surprised by the time all these thousands of kyatts came from the ATM. Today, I know that only a few people have a bank account, everything is paid in cash, even houses. Which means suitcases full of kyatts….. The internet in our hotel is good, it’s very clean and the staff is very friendly and always willing to help.  Outside, on the street it’s smelly, crowded and very noisy because every driver uses his horn, most of the time just to let the others know that he is there, I think. When there is a traffic jam you can image how it sounds…. The second day we saw Yangon with a guide. We went to the Schwedagon Pagoda at sunset, beautiful with all that glistening gold, and during the day we took a train ride (third class) to another part of Yangon. That meant that we were surrounded by huge piles of vegetables, chickens in baskets and baskets filled with hundreds of eggs. At that moment we were the attraction, people stared at us and smiled friendly. The guide was willing to tell us about the political system of Myanmar (which she hated). However, we felt that she could not tell us everything even though she was very open.  During these 10 days we had several meetings with entrepreneurs of medium, large and small organizations, we went to the Tourism Federation and we had several lectures to help to prepare our research here in Myanmar. Yesterday, I bought my bus ticket to Bagan, that has to be beautiful with all the old pagodas. I will meet the others of my group in Bagan to do research in the area. The bus ride takes at least 10 hours. I will be prepared with water, food and candies for the journey. I can go on and write about the monks, the public toilets, the rats in the street, the kitchens and the little booths everywhere that sell anything that you can image and all these different smells on the street……. Myanmar is an exiting country to do research! In the coming weeks there will be more stories from Master TDM Students on the destinations!