Friday 08 May our Master TDM students have finished their second phase by presenting their results in the beautiful meeting room of the W retreat Bali.

 Three months have passed since they embarked their first flight to Melbourne. Their first month in Australia was one to never forget, with many expectations the students were trying to find their way in the most livable city in the world. During the first week the students received an introductory program which brought them from the edge of the city in St. Kilda to the top of the town in the Eureka Skydeck. They also had the opportunity to receive insights from influential players as Tourism Victoria, The Intercontinental Rialto, the MCEC and The Yarra River Business Association. The three weeks following a report was produced and a professional presentation was given in the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Center.

 In March the students found themselves in Yangon, the former capital of Myanmar (back in the days known as Burma). For some of them it was their first experience in Asia and adapting to the pace and people definitely took some time. Also for the more experienced travelers amongst them Myanmar was a new destination and afterwards they concluded it is unlike any other!! From colonial buildings in Yangon to ancient temples & stupas in Bagan the journey triggered their senses in every way possible. During the second week the group split up and moved to either Bagan or Inle lake to conduct their research, the last week everything felt into place when presenting the results in the unusual but interesting luxury hotel yacht on the Irrawaddy river in Yangon.

 After two months on the road it was time for a little break, what better place to relax and be a tourist instead of a researcher than Singapore. For one afternoon students had some informal meetings with the former Marketing Director of SUNTEC, Anjna Nihalani and former TDM student Veronica Wee who is now working at the Intercontinental Hotel Group. We heard from an anonymous source that the students used the rest of the week to treat themselves on all the foods that were unavailable in Myanmar.

 Last but not least they arrived on Bali for the final part of their three month research period. On the Island of the Gods their main goal was to write a real consultancy report that they would have to present to stakeholders that were going to attend the final get together. The first week they were again introduced to the destination and moreover some interesting stakeholders that gave them a kick start into their project. This said the group really put all the knowledge and skills they had gained during the first two months into practice, they went out there and had some very special and educational encounters. The level of presentations and reports has tremendously risen over the period and we are proud of each and one of them.

 We think this period will be life changing for many of you, in our eyes you have grown on both educational and more importantly on a personal level. We would like to say thank you for being such a wonderful group of people and for helping and respecting each other in developing yourselves in every way possible.

 For now we wish all the students good luck with the writing of their thesis and we look forward to welcome them back to Breda for the oral defense!!

 The Master TDM team!!