Here you can read experiences of one of our Master TDM alumni students from Togo. Aisha graduated in 2014 and iw working in the Tourism Industry in The Netherlands.

Originally from Togo (West Africa), I came to Holland 3 years ago with no other plans then completing my master degree at NHTV, but here we are 3 years later I’m still here.

After my graduation last year in January, I got a job as purchase assistant in Rotterdam, which only lasted 2 months. Three weeks later I got a job offer as a customer executive at, this time a little bit further away: Amsterdam. I didn’t have to think twice what to do and I accepted the job. I packed my bags and moved to Zaandam. It was the only place close to Amsterdam that I could find in such a short period of time, but I really liked the city. The atmosphere was different from Breda and for me this was a new experience. Time passed and I got into the real life/working mood. At work, my daily activities vary but they mostly include processing customers’ requests in regard to their reservations and maintaining a relationship with them. Additionally, I also deal with our partners (accommodation suppliers) by assisting them in the use of our system in order for them to manage their business. The TDM course has helped me to acquire a lot of knowledge and skills of the tourism Industry that is constantly growing.

For personal reasons I moved to Rotterdam in January 2015, where I’m currently living, still working in Amsterdam. The traveling between the two cities changed my daily routine a lot. There are days I have to wake up at 5:00 am to be on time for work. Luckily I still can snooze on the train… Other days I have to deal with the hustle of public transport, but hey… you got to love NS (Dutch train company). So far it has been a great learning experience to live in The Netherlands.

For example: I eat “haring” on the street, I learned how to make “stampot” and I party on king’s day… I’m still working on my Dutch language skills, but I think in a few years I will be an expert.