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So after you might have seen the first blog post about day one of ‘Meet the tourism industry in Amsterdam 2016’, that was published prior to this one, we would like to continue with day two. After having met some professionals from the industry in Amsterdam on day one, day two of the excursion had another focus. The program coordinators wanted to give the students, especially those who have not been to Amsterdam, the opportunity to get to know the city as well as parts of the Dutch culture and history. Therefore, a free of charge visit to the Van Gogh Museum was organized for the Master TDM students to get a deeper insight into how an attraction like this is organized and how it is operating on a practical level. Without having any assignments for this second day, the students should just dive into the tourism industry in Amsterdam by taking a look for themselves without any guidance by the tutors. In doing so, the students could not just only relax and educate themselves about the famous painter Van Gogh but they could also use their knowledge to look into the processes, capacities and the organization of one of Amsterdam’s main cultural tourism attractions. Below you can see some impressions from the students of the museum’s exterior and interior as well as the famous painting ‘Starry night by Vincent van Gogh. You can alos find more information on the Facebook page of the museum.

Amsterdam 2016 – Vincent van Gogh Museum





In addition to the time that the Master TDM students spent in Amsterdam, the program coordinators also organized a free of charge visit to a tourism trade fair in Utrecht, which is around a 30 minute train-ride away. The tourism fair, called Vakantiebeurs 2016 (Website only in Dutch), is an interactive business to customer event with a lot of different activities. A variety of different countries from all over the globe have their own booth to present themselves but also to offer their products directly to the visitors. The Master TDM students spent some time in order to inform themselves about the fair itself but especially about the countries they were interested in. The program coordinator’s idea was to feed the passion of the students when it comes to activities and traveling. Vakantiebeurs 2016 was a great fair that could give the students another insight into the tourism industry from a demand side perspective. After the students got to know a concise insight into the supply side from the first day and the demand side from the second day, the idea of the program coordinators to get a holistic insight into the tourism industry was a success. Below you can find some more impressions from the Vakantiebeurs 2016 as well as a promotional video. For more information you can also visit their Facebook page.

Utrecht 2016- Tourism fair Vakantiebeurs







Vakantiebeurs_pic_3 Vakantiebeurs_pic_2