Earlier we had a blogpost about the field research project in Sydney written by one of our German students. As you can imagine it may take a little bit more preparation to travel to Australia for a student from Iran…

…but luckily our Master TDM student from Iran had the opportunity to participate in the field research project in Sydney as well. Here you can read how Sydney was perceived from an Iranian perspective:

It was like a dream come true. Just when I got off on Sydney International airport and officer checked my passport I believed that I’m here, in Australia and great Sydney. It was a great experience, 22 hours flight and I feel the meaning of “Australia located at the end of the world”, and on other hand I had plenty of time to watch all the movies which I like in Singapore airplane! As a Master TDM student, Sydney was an exciting experience, I saw a lot, learned a lot and feels a lot. Although I didn’t see any Kangaroo or Koala, yet it was really interesting, not just the city but to see how much we learned in Breda and how cool is that.

First day begun with a walking tour with a very nice Aussie guide. We walked around the city and he explained the history of the city. I’m a fan of history and culture and although maybe it seems that Sydney doesn’t has a great history but actually it has, especially when it goes to Aboriginals. We saw two iconic architecture sites of Sydney, Opera house and Sydney Bridge, Hyde Park, some interesting buildings and we walked on the Rocks, which I LOVED. After the first day we had some meetings mostly with accommodation sector and beside of meeting ordinary hotel chains, we saw a brilliant boutique hotel. Next time definitely I will stay there (of course if I can afford it!!).

Student from Iran

Student from Iran: Siyavash Sheikholeslami

To bee honest for me Sydney was a great city but what I liked about here was not just its’ attractions. It was our knowledge and our progress on our group workings during these 4 weeks. I saw that we really used our knowledge in Sydney. We did observation, semi structure interview, critical thinking, group working methods and more. For me Sydney was a unique destination not just because of its own tourism context, but because we made our own experience here, a unique experience.