Hello everyone,

A few weeks back, we welcomed our Master of Arts students in Tourism Destination Management 2016-17 and shared their Introduction Week experiences. If you have missed it, you can read it here: Welcome to our new group of Master TDM Students for 2016 – 2017! In the post, we promised to share their wonderful introduction week videos with you. They were made by the students themselves, and we are proud of the results.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video is worth a million
– Troy Olson, Jeff Loquist

The videos are made by the students and show their perceptions of NHTV, Breda and Brabant as a destination. They share their experiences throughout the week, which included getting to know their fellow classmates, TDM team, NHTV and its facilities. The students made a short trip to a village Neunen, where they not only bonded over the drive, team-building activities and cooking, but also got to visit the Van Gogh museum and learned about the famous Dutch artist. As Roman Karin describes in his post Student Insights: first student experiences in Breda, the students had some interesting conversations with some residents of Breda as well.

Each video is unique and special in its own way. Do watch all seven of them to get a glimpse into the experiences and expectations of our students.

International Breda by Pema Gurung (Nepal), Tiffany Duc (Switxerland) and Charmee Gelani (India)

Welcome to the Future by Roman Karin (Germany), Xin Zhong (China) and Patricia Dumitru (Germany)

Biking Through Breda by Janine Liolios (The Netherlands), Raynedrick Koolman (Aruba) and Laura Gorlero (Italy)

Blondies on Tour by Claire van Blanken (The Netherlands), Kryschja Bruls (The Netherlands), Lisa Zandvliet (France)

Will We Find Our Way? by Isabela Steiner (Austria), Thuy Hoang (Vietnam) and Janet Drobek (Germany)

A Friendly Chat by Ariana Hillmann (Germany), Katharina Goebel (Germany) and Istvan Sajti (Hungary)

The Fun Side by Iustin Lucaci (Romania) and Xing Wang (China)

We hope you enjoyed the videos as much as the students did while making them, and we did watching them! 🙂