This year, our Master TDM students are visiting Melbourne, Australia; South Coast, Sri Lanka; and Bali, Indonesia as part of the second phase of their Master programme. Here you can read the blogs of two of our Master TDM students about their ongoing field research at  the first destination: Melbourne.  Enjoy the read!

Every year our Master TDM students spend 3 months to visit 3 different destinations in Asia-Pacific region to get hands on experience about conducting research out in the field. This field research constitutes the second phase of our Master TDM programme. This year, our students are visiting Melbourne, Australia; South Coast, Sri Lanka; and Bali, Indonesia. 

Street art at Melbourne, Australia

Stilt fishermen of Sri Lanka

Temples at Bali, Indonesia

Ariana Hillman, our master student from Germany, explains more about the field research in her blog INTO THE FIELD… IT’S RESEARCH TIME! 

Their journey started on the 5th of February 2017, when they boarded their flight from Amsterdam to Melbourne. In the first week, they were introduced to many stakeholders in order to gain context of their area of research.

Laura Gorlero, our master student from Italy, blogged about her impressions of Melbourne through meeting different stakeholders — Meeting tourism stakeholders in Melbourne.


The students are now conducting research in groups of 3 or 4, and will present their reports next week. We are excited to see their work and wish them success!