This year, our Master TDM students are visiting Melbourne, Australia; South Coast, Sri Lanka; and Bali, Indonesia as part of the second phase of their Master programme. Here you can read the reflections of a group’s field research at  the first destination: Melbourne.  Enjoy the read!

Every year our Master TDM students spend 3 months to visit 3 different destinations in Asia-Pacific region to get hands on experience about conducting research out in the field. This field research constitutes the second phase of our Master TDM programme. This year, our students are visiting Melbourne, Australia; South Coast, Sri Lanka; and Bali, Indonesia. Our previous blog post Field research at Melbourne  throws light into what the field trip is about. 

Through their time in Melbourne, the students interacted with various stakeholders which includes not only businesses and organizations but also  the locals from different ethnic groups. Melbourne is known to have one of the biggest Greek communities and you can read the our Greek student Janine Liolios‘s experience with the Greek community here: Where are the Greeks at? 

Students of Group 4: Roman Karin (German), Laura Gorlero (Italian), and Janine Liolios (half Greek – half Dutch) wrote about their reflections from their experience in Melbourne in a blogpost. They talk about their research process which included participant observation and interviews and what they learnt through it. Their time in Melbourne made them “understand what the term ‘context’ means in a real-life scenario”. You can read the blog here: Reflection research group 4 

The students finalized their research in Melbourne last month and have presented some excellent findings. We are proud of their work and wish them success in their next destination: Sri Lanka.

Xin (Vincent) Zhong, our Chinese student, presenting his group’s findings to the stakeholders at Melbourne

The students are excited to go to their next destination: Sri Lanka