Phase 2 of the Master TDM 2017-18 took our students to Asia Pacific. They conducted field research at three distinct types of tourism destinations – a city destination, a developing destination with a rural character, and a mature destination with a long history of tourism development. This year’s Master TDM class visited MelbourneSri Lanka, and Bali. Here we present some of the students’ experiences  at the three field work destinations

Relaxation and reflection in Singapore

Before arriving in Bali, our students spent one week in Singapore. After two exhausting months of hard work, this was the opportunity for a bit of relaxation. They were further encouraged to reflect upon the vast amount of new experiences and impressions gathered throughout the previous research projects in Melbourne and Sri Lanka. However, many students were planning to dive right into Phase 3 after completing their third and last field research assignment in Bali. Therefore, they made use of the week to develop their thesis topic ideas and to write and submit a thesis proposal.

Singapore tourism

TDM students learning about destination Singapore

Introducing a new conext

Similar to Melbourne and Sri Lanka, the first days in Bali provided students with first insights into the context of tourism development on the island. They were also introduced to ther respective research areas. Pre-organized meetings took place at businesses such as Four Seasons Bali and Alila Seminyak. Students had the opportunity to direct their questions to the respective general managers. The group also met two TDM alumni who now live and work in Bali.

Rice fields Bali

Coffee break with beautiful view over Bali rice terraces

Of course, students also had the opportunitiy to spend some leisure time, exploring Bali or even other surrounding islands of the area. Read about a  trip of our US student Chelsea to Komodo Island here: Weekend Visit to Komodo Island  


Strategic interventions

The third field research assignment was also the most complex. Single groups were now expected to give strategic recommendations to their assigned stakeholder groups. They should take the role of tourism consultants and draw a preferable picture for the future of their assigned stakeholder groups and research areas. This should also be reflected in the design of their research and the style and content of both their reports and presentations. Students once again had to change the focus on the issues that arise at a mature tourism destination.

Sophie from the Netherlands shares some of the outcomes of her group’s research in Bali here: The preferable future of MLO’s in Seminyak


Patient listeners

Final steps of Phase 2

The final presentations took place at  W Bali Seminyak. This was an appropriate venue for the research teams to present their results. But this time the audience did not only include fellow class members and lecturers. Business representatives and other tourism stakeholders also attended the event. Everyone was  interested in what our groups had found out during their four weeks in Bali. Afterwards, participants gathered together for drinks and snacks. The enormous pressure of more than three intense moths of hard work in ever changing environments was lifted off and it was finally time to celebrate.

TDM student Timoti from Indonesia writes about his feelings of doing research in Bali and about the end of Phase 3. Have a look at his blog: The end, Bali 

Road towards graduation

The pathway of our students after leaving Bali is very different. Some continued to travel South East Asia, few went back to their home countries and others immediately threw themselves into more field research for their master theses. Nevertheless, we hope to see all of them soon for their graduation in Breda. Until then, we wish them all the best for their last steps towards graduating with a Master of Arts degree in Tourism Destination Management and joining the ever growing family of TDM alumni.

German student Inga


German TDM student Inga and her group researched Micro- and Small Enterprises in Canggu. Here is what they see as the area’s preferable future: Destination III – The established Canggu in South Bali.



Take a look and read how TDM student Heiley from Vietnam experienced her stay in Bali: Third destination – Bali: ‘The Island of the Gods’