27 11, 2015

Live life like a Dutchie – Master TDM alumni from Togo

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Here you can read experiences of one of our Master TDM alumni students from Togo. Aisha graduated in 2014 and iw working in the Tourism Industry in The Netherlands.

Originally from Togo (West Africa), I came to Holland 3 years ago with no other plans then completing my master degree at NHTV, but here we […]

12 01, 2015

Alex Pio: ‘I’m now also working in Ethiopia, Benin, Burundi, Haiti and Mauritania’.

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I joined TDM in 2010 because, having traveled for most of my life, I saw the power of tourism to provide eye-opening, life changing experiences for travelers while at the same time developing destinations and protecting their natural and cultural heritage. I also saw the destructive effects it can have, and so my goal […]

17 12, 2014

This Master has broadened my horizon!

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Master in Tourism Destination Management /Experience from TDM perspective

My name is DUSHIMUMUKIZA Marie Claire, a former TDM student (2012-2013) at NHTV Breda University of Applied Sciences, Netherlands. I am currently working with Kitabi College of Conservation and Environmental Management (KCCEM) as a Director of Academic Programs and Research Development. KCCEM located on the outskirts […]

1 09, 2013

Welcome new TDM Master students 2013/2014!

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This week another group of 23 students started with their Master in Tourism Destination Management at NHTV University of Applied Scineces. The group represents 12 nationalities with students from Iran, Maledives, Spain, Bulgaria, Nigeria, Eritrea and more. Last week they started with an introduction program in Breda and the TDM team buliding experience in […]

16 12, 2012

TDM experience through the eyes of our Master student from Mocambique

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It all started on a usual end of the month Friday afternoon lunch with my friends. After a full heavy meal and cocktails the topic was “new year’s resolution”. Some wanted to get married, others have more kids, others get a new job and finally when it came to me, I was really confused […]

12 01, 2012

The amazing journey from Rwanda “the land of thousand hills” to NHTV Breda in the Netherlands

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Frank Murangwa is a NHTV Master in Tourism Destination Management alumnus and in this blogpost he shares what the program has contributed to his career.

It had always been my dream to advance my career in the tourism field. Having completed my bachelors in tourism management in 2006 and having worked in the tourism industry […]

15 02, 2011

Diaspora and destination image – A Study of Ghanaian Community in the Netherlands (master´s thesis)

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Master in Tourism Destination Management graduation thesis by TDM student Ada Allotey on Diaspora and destination image – A Study of Ghanaian Community in the Netherlands creating Destination Image to The Dutch Community (September, 2010).

The research report, ‘Diaspora and Destination image’ was initiated to look at the role Ghanaian community in the Netherlands can play […]

1 11, 2010

Tourism, Conservation and Displacement

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Ecotourism -as opposed to mass tourism- along with wildlife conservation are seen as increasingly important, given the sustainability issues of our time. Ironically, these very practices are causing displacement of indigenous peoples in some parts of the world, threatening their livelihoods.

27 10, 2009

The Politics of Tourism

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The Government has a role to play in tourism planning which is not limited to economic development and poverty reduction but includes building the nation’s image and identity (Chheang, 2009). Tourism is widely recognized as a major income earner for various nations and the government is generally required to take on an active role […]

26 10, 2009

Viva Africa 2010

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Destination branding is a set of marketing activities that support the creation of a name, symbol, logo, word mark or other graphic that readily identifies and differentiates a destination”(Steven Pike, 2009).

In recent months, Africa has been in the spot light and still is for the right reasons in terms of sporting events held in […]