30 09, 2021

TDM Master alumna Jana Werl wins ATLAS prize for Master thesis on leisure and tourism

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Jana was honoured 8 September during the ATLAS annual online conference for winning the ATLAS 2021 Master first prize. The Jury has decided to award the ATLAS 2021 Master first prize to Jana for her thesis: Exploring the Paradoxes of Privacy and Big Data Analysis in Tourism Destination Management. A case study: Austria.  

In this thesis Jana explored the utility of Big Data analysis […]

20 12, 2018

Master TDM Colloquium 2018

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For the second time this year, TDM organized a colloquium. This event centers around alumni and current TDM students. The alumni present their theses and talk about life after graduation. About choices, difficulties and opportunities. As in the beginning of the year, the colloquium was scheduled to take place on the same day of the graduation of the […]

8 02, 2016

Former TDM student: Life is a journey – How I became a travel blogger

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Hi, I’m Matthias, alumni of TDM class 2012.
So, why am I writing here? Well, because the program coordinator, Wesley van den Beemt, asked me to. Just kidding, but I assume she had her reasons for that. So, what happened?
Let me start from the beginning: After I finished the TDM program in 2012, I moved […]

23 04, 2015

The world is your oyster!

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Story from a NHTV master graduate and his journey around the tourism world

My 2010/11 TDM experience launched me into the multifaceted world of tourism certainly.

Since my decision to join NHTV, I have embarked on some fantastic adventures… from writing my thesis in Australia and living and working in the country for 2 years, to […]

22 01, 2015

Reconnect with your NHTV classmates at ITB!!

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NHTV Breda University of Applied Sciences is one of the oldest and largest research and education institutes in tourism, leisure and hospitality globally. During the almost 50 years of our existence, more than 24,000 students graduated at NHTV Breda. Many of you are currently taking leading positions in the global tourism, leisure and hospitality […]

12 01, 2015

Alex Pio: ‘I’m now also working in Ethiopia, Benin, Burundi, Haiti and Mauritania’.

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I joined TDM in 2010 because, having traveled for most of my life, I saw the power of tourism to provide eye-opening, life changing experiences for travelers while at the same time developing destinations and protecting their natural and cultural heritage. I also saw the destructive effects it can have, and so my goal […]

17 12, 2014

This Master has broadened my horizon!

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Master in Tourism Destination Management /Experience from TDM perspective

My name is DUSHIMUMUKIZA Marie Claire, a former TDM student (2012-2013) at NHTV Breda University of Applied Sciences, Netherlands. I am currently working with Kitabi College of Conservation and Environmental Management (KCCEM) as a Director of Academic Programs and Research Development. KCCEM located on the outskirts […]

4 03, 2013

Dissertation: ‘The Spa: Business opportunity or a ‘dime per dozen’ affair?

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This dissertation has been written by Raluca Paris as part of the final phase for the master course program “Tourism Destination Management” of NHTV Breda, University of Applied science. As the global Spa Industry is becoming a highly demanded form of tourism, it is hard to understand if such a product is a real […]

28 02, 2013

An international career after our master study: TDM alumnus Maarten Pennings shares his story

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Hi, my name is Maarten Pennings, TDM graduate 2010/2011. I just received the TDM Alumni book and I must say that it is a pleasure to read what career paths people started to follow after the Master program. It shows once more that the world has a lot of opportunities to offer you after […]

31 01, 2013

Celebrating the 100th graduate of our Master in Tourism Destination Management program

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For the past 6 years, our NHTV Master in Tourism Destination Management program has been educating a steady stream of tourism destination experts. With the latest group of graduates receiving their masters degree, we are crossing the symbolical line of 100 graduates. We are very proud of all our alumni and especially congratulate the […]