3 01, 2016

Field work 2016 – an exciting new year has started

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Hello there,
A new year has started and we would like to take this opportunity and wish all of you a happy and successful year. Our Master of Arts program team of Tourism Destination Management and especially all the current students are very excited for the upcoming months of this new year. From the beginning […]

26 05, 2015

A unique journey of education and enjoyment

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A unique journey of education and enjoyment – the TDM 2nd phase

10th May 2015 around 4pm @ Changi Airport. Whoever had watched us, 22 TDM students, disembarking the plane from Bali at this time wouldn’t have thought that we are well-traveled tourism master students. We more looked like a bunch of confused people making their […]

30 04, 2015

Melbourne – The Aussie way of life

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After great five month in Breda, all of us were excited to start our field research in Melbourne, Myanmar and Bali. Our first destination was Melbourne, the world’s most liveable city. For almost all of the class it was the first time in Australia. After a 26 hour flight all of us were excited […]

1 12, 2014

TDM destinations 2015

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TDM Destinations 2015 In the beginning of October we revealed the destination for the 2nd phase of TDM 2015.

The students will start their fieldwork with a month in the most livable city in the world: Melbourne! Since the beginning of TDM Melbourne has been one of the favorite destinations to start with, the friendly […]

8 03, 2012

Sydney: A Trip to Remember

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To many people, Sydney is just another city. Located too far away for comfortable travel and virtually indistinguishable from any other urban metropolis, Sydney struggles to make itself heard and felt in between the melee of New York, the glamour of Paris and the inordinate chaos of the Mumbai. And hence to many, that’s where […]

28 11, 2011

A TDM student stuck in between China’s power and Australian tourism

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The plan was set up from the beginning: after the field trip to the three destinations, Melbourne, Cambodia and Bali, I would have headed back down under to delve into this country that fascinated me since childhood. My intention was combining the duty and challenge of undertaking my own research thesis, with the delight […]

11 02, 2011

TDM students arrive in Melbourne: the first of three research destinations

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The Tourism Destination Management students have arrived at the first destination of their field research: Melbourne; their new (research) home for a month. Let us share a quick overview of their first week:

4 10, 2009

Climbing famous Uluru (Ayers Rock) in Australia: Conflicting perspectives amongst stakeholders at its peak

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‘The Rock’ – down under’s physical and spiritual heart – certainly is amongst the top ten ‘must-do’s’ in each and every Australian travel guide. The world’s largest monolith, situated in the red outback of Australia’s Northern Territory, attracts thousands of inquisitive visitors each year. Those, in turn, blatantly attract inconsistent positions on a very […]

2 10, 2009

Feeling Hot? – The consequences of Climate Change on Australian Tourism

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Over the last months, a selection of tourism, government and community leaders have developed over 40 potential tourism-focused climate change adaptation and mitigation strategies considering the impacts of climate change on Australian tourism (Australia’s Tourism, 2009). According to the CEO of the Queensland Tourism Industry Council, Daniel Gschwind, this latest research is essential in […]

13 03, 2009

Would you dare to take up this personal challenge?

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Just imagine arriving on the other side of the planet with a bunch of people you have hardly known before, being asked to present the stakeholder group you have to advise, on how to proceed in the next decade in transforming Melbourne into a global destination”!?

Eighteen TDM-students faced this challenge and having but four weeks to deliver the goods, there is not much time to think about whether or not this task can be accomplished, it is all about how to get the job done and make use of each and every resource available.