27 10, 2009

The Politics of Tourism

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The Government has a role to play in tourism planning which is not limited to economic development and poverty reduction but includes building the nation’s image and identity (Chheang, 2009). Tourism is widely recognized as a major income earner for various nations and the government is generally required to take on an active role […]

13 03, 2009

Would you dare to take up this personal challenge?

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Just imagine arriving on the other side of the planet with a bunch of people you have hardly known before, being asked to present the stakeholder group you have to advise, on how to proceed in the next decade in transforming Melbourne into a global destination”!?

Eighteen TDM-students faced this challenge and having but four weeks to deliver the goods, there is not much time to think about whether or not this task can be accomplished, it is all about how to get the job done and make use of each and every resource available.


21 10, 2008

A Country for Sale

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Cambodia is a country whose most residents do not belong to the places where they have ended up. The Khmer Rouge regime’s wave of violence killed 1 in 5 of the country’s total population in less than four years. After the regime’s end most of the remaining locals moved towards the shore line whose […]

17 06, 2008

CAMBODIA – Coastal revamp gathers pace

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The so-called K-4 plan, named after the most prominent coastal towns – Koh Kong, Kampong Som (Sihanoukville), Kampot and Kep – is one of the government’s most ambitious schemes in its bid to evolve 450 kilometers of once empty beach, mangrove and coastal scrubland into teeming resorts, protected bio-spheres for eco-tourism […]

17 06, 2008

CAMBODIA – Chinese language skills seen as gateway to better job

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Xinhua, 2008-06-13

While English remains the most popular foreign language among students in Cambodia, Chinese is fast catching up as young Khmers increasingly view it as a gateway to better jobs in the country’s growing industrial and tourism sectors, according to the June 13-26 edition of the English-language bi-weekly the Phnom Penh Post. The biggest Chinese […]

12 06, 2008

CAMBODIA – Australian company cements place in island resort boom

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Phnom Penh – Australia’s Brocon Group Ltd cemented its place in the island development boom off Cambodia’s coast, earning formal government approval for its planned 35-million dollar luxury resort, CEO Rory Hunter said Monday. “From July 2007 we had an in-principle agreement, but we have now received official approval on a 99-year non-renewable […]

12 06, 2008

CAMBODIA – Russian company builds bridge for island resort

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The Koh Puos Cambodia Investment Group, a branch of Vironia Enterprises Limited from Russia, has invested 20 million euro (about 31.5 million U.S. dollars) to build a 900-meter bridge from the beach of Sihanoukville to Koh Puos (Snake) Island Resort, officials said here on Saturday. This concrete bridge is one of the main development […]

5 06, 2008

CAMBODIA – a route that will open up travel to beaches

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Completion of four new bridges on a highway linking Koh Kong on the Cambodian/Thai border should bolster trade and tourism between the two countries. While the highway was completed a year back, the absence of bridges forced travellers to cross four river estuaries by ferry adding at least two hours to […]

5 06, 2008

CAMBODIA – upbeat about tourism development

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With Sihanoukville as the official location of the 21st Greater Mekong Sub-region (GMS) Tourism Working Group (TWG) and Mekong Tourism Development Project (MTDP) meeting, being held on May 20-21 at the Sokha Beach Resort, Cambodia is upbeat about its amazing tourism development going on. Hosted by the Ministry of Tourism, the event was […]

7 05, 2008

CAMBODIA – Cambodia's paradise beach (Sihanouk Ville)

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As Sihanouk Ville takes off as a tourism hub, Cambodia tourism authority and developers say that preserving the natural harmony and health of its beaches and coastline is the a priority. Officials in Cambodia’s Ministry of Tourism have echoed concern about pollution as tourism grows in Sihanouk Ville, and say they are trying […]