25 06, 2008

SOUTH PACIFIC – Regional News

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Pacific Pulse, 20th June 2008

“Kiribati is looking to tourism as a key economic opportunity for the future of our economy and with Danial’s support we hope to facilitate continued growth in the sector. We are in particular looking at investigating ways in which we can look to change how we operate as a national […]

12 06, 2008


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The airline group is proud to have introduced the same low fare philosophy and service-style of Virgin Blue to Australia’s more isolated islands neighbours with the launch of Pacific Blue (Australia), Pacific Blue (NZ) and Polynesian Blue, the joint venture airline with the Government of Samoa. As well as New Zealand, these airlines […]

16 01, 2008

FIJI – Cruising is booming

By |January 16th, 2008|Fiji, Tonga|Comments Off on FIJI – Cruising is booming, 11 Jan 2008In the words of Japan’s Nippon Maru owners (Mitsui OSK) – “the South Pacific has an image of paradise and our cruisers want more of it.”So regional tourism organisation, with support from ProInvest, has drafted a cruise strategy for the region. Former Pacific Asia Travel Association VP Peter Semone lead […]

14 01, 2008

FIJI – tourism losses hit $200m

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eTN, Jan 02, 2008 The loss in tourism earnings was the result of fewer visitors, shorter lengths of stay and discounted rates.”It has been a very difficult year, with the loss of numbers and employees working short hours. The industry had to reduce rates to make business,” he said.”Everyone reduced their rates from the […]

1 10, 2007

FIJI – not ready for Chinese tourists

By |October 1st, 2007|Fiji, Markets|Comments Off on FIJI – not ready for Chinese tourists, September 25, 2007 Fiji at the moment is still not ready for Chinese tourists, it does not have the products to accommodate them, Tourism permanent secretary Adi Banuve Kaumaitotoya has admitted. She says Fiji is targeting middle level Chinese tourists whom she described as independent travelers from China who come here and […]

23 08, 2007

FIJI – Unchecked expansion can threaten environment

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Islands Business, 6-8-2007Tourist numbers are a key issue for Pacific Islands nations as they seek to balance economic development and sustainability, says a key tourism researcher from the University of the South Pacific.Professor Jim McMaster told a recent conference in Port Vila that unchecked expansion of tourism in the Pacific region could threaten some […]

5 02, 2007

FIJI – Tourism industry fights back

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Fiji times online, January 29, 2007The tourism industry in Fiji is slowly fighting backSINCE the December 5 ousting of Fijis government by its military and the introduction of an Australian government travel advisory, tourism in Fiji has, not surprisingly, been in decline.The upheaval has come at an inopportune time for the island nations […]

11 01, 2007


By |January 11th, 2007|Australia, Fiji, Regional developments|Comments Off on DEVELOPMENTS – Pacific in 2007: THE WINNERS AND LOSERS, 9-1-2007The big trends all have positive and negative potentials and the changes will be seen as good or bad depending on one’s point of view. Overall, however, the winnings look to be on the side of foreign interests and the losses to be heaviest among indigenous Pacific Islanders. We assume there are no […]

20 12, 2006

FIJI – Western Sanctions Make Fiji Turn to China, Asia

By |December 20th, 2006|Fiji|Comments Off on FIJI – Western Sanctions Make Fiji Turn to China, Asia, Dec 13Sanctions imposed on Fiji by Western countries following the overthrow, last week, of the democratically-elected government of Prime Minister Laisenia Qarase may push the country’s new military leaders towards its Asian neighbours, particularly a willing China, for support. Ganesh Chand, a former University of the South Pacific lecturer in economics, says that […]

18 12, 2006

FIJI – No respite for Fiji’s tourism industry

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eTN Asia/Pacific, december 8, 2006For Fiji, which heavily depends upon tourism when it comes to propelling its economy, the coup’s adverse impact is resulting in alarming situation. Tourism is considered to be Fiji’s biggest foreign exchange earner. “Now the industry worth about $700 million a year is braced for a backlash as tourists […]