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9 05, 2016

Thesis publication: Visitor Management at the Bagan Heritage Site

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If you follow this blog frequently you might know that from time to time we publish final master thesis from the students that graduated from the NHTV Master of Arts Tourism Destination Management.
This example is produced by Gloria Crabolu and deals with the topic of ‘Visitor Management at the Bagan Heritage Site’ in Myanmar. Below you can […]

30 07, 2015

Thesis story: Implementing Good Governance in Baja California

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After 3 months of tourism research in Southeast Asia, the only thing set in my mind was my Thesis (my classmates can corroborate on that). Fortunately, I have had my topic set for quite some time, even before starting the TDM program: Implementing a Private DMO in Baja California, Mexico. This came as the […]

22 01, 2013

The Influence of Terrorist Attacks and Political Instability on Tourism

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As part of their master in Tourism Destination Management study program, the students have written literature reviews in the domain of “International Tourism Context”. In this first of six literature reviews Lin Reimann discusses the influence of terrorist attacks and political instability on tourism.

In today’s globalizing environment, terrorism has been an issue we hear […]

1 11, 2010

All a question of taste – wine tourism and destination development

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In regions where wine is produced, vineyards are often the dominant factor in the shaping of the landscape and wine growers contribute great parts to the agricultural production of the area. The beauty of the landscape and the possibility to see first-hand where and how wine is produced appeal to wine consumers who then […]

31 10, 2010

Leave Nothing but Footprints: Mission Impossible?!

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Mountain tourism is growing and therefore as well the environmental degradation induced by these tourists. This entry deals with the impact trekking tourists have on nature, especially in the Himalaya regions in India and Nepal. Subsequently it will be discussed which measures would help to reduce these impacts. Moreover the role of the trekking […]

31 10, 2010

The threat of interdependency

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The current record in domino toppling is 4 491 863 (, 31-10-2010)

2007 was the year when the first global financial crisis of the third millennium took off. Three years later the world is still recovering from it. This blog entry will touch upon the impact it had on the tourism industry but stresses out […]

17 12, 2009

Alternative Tourism: Can the Segregation Wall in Bethlehem be a Tourist Attraction?

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Alternative Tourism: Can the Segregation Wall in Bethlehem be a Tourist Attraction?

25 10, 2009

Ecuadorian government stumbles into a political minefield on the Galapagos: The giant tortoise, the tourist or the local resident – who is more important?!

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The Galapagos is one of the most remarkable places in the world, distinguishing itself through its wild and rough beauty, an incredible mixture of amazing, rare species and an exotic marine life. About 650 miles west of Ecuador this ecological masterpiece in the Pacific Ocean already encouraged Darwin to formulate his evolutionary theory. One […]

4 10, 2009

Destination management organisations – the scapegoats for every unsuccessful tourism destination

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Tom Bornhorst, J.R. Brent Ritchie and Lorn Sheehan lately interviewed stakeholders from Canada regarding their perception of a successful destination and a successful destination management organisation (DMO). Goal of the research was to find out whether there is a relationship between the two. Although limited to one country, the data allows a representative view […]

10 07, 2008

OLYMPICS – Hosting Olympics can damage tourism

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eTN, Jul 07, 2008

Staging the Olympics is detrimental to the tourism growth trends of both the host cities and countries, according to industry research. Cities bidding to stage the Olympics tend to talk up the lasting tourism benefits of hosting the event, but the evidence of recent games suggest the opposite, says the […]