Tourism consumer trends

1 11, 2010

All a question of taste – wine tourism and destination development

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In regions where wine is produced, vineyards are often the dominant factor in the shaping of the landscape and wine growers contribute great parts to the agricultural production of the area. The beauty of the landscape and the possibility to see first-hand where and how wine is produced appeal to wine consumers who then […]

25 10, 2009

What are future destinations if the exhausted ones on earth cannot meet the tourists’ need of their constant search for novelty anymore?

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Consumer trends in tourism develop in many directions, one of them is based on the constant search for novelty and something more extreme. On 11th October 2009, Guy Laliberté, the seventh space tourist, returned to earth and this raises the question again if the final frontier for tourists is ultimately space. This article will […]

25 10, 2009

Asia’s world of transformation and altering destination strategies

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The majority of tourism markets are traditionally oriented from Western hemisphere. With Asia’s phenomenal economic growth global shifts are expected. While the world has always been predominantly influenced by Western concepts, Asia finds itself in a stage of confusion with increased possibilities for alternative, nearby market segments and Eurocentric concepts of tourism. Singapore decides […]

25 10, 2009

A round way ticket to space please… The feasibility of space tourism for the ´ordinary tourist´

By |October 25th, 2009|International Tourism Context, Master in Tourism Destination Management, Tourism consumer trends, Tourism destination strategies|2 Comments

The tourism industry of today is subject to drastic changes in demand patterns. Tourists are shifting their consumption habits from passive fun to active learning. The twenty-first century innovation of the tourism business is characterised by the experience economy; the new tourist is increasingly wishing to stimulate and enhance its knowledge through experiences (Buhalis […]

26 09, 2008

Involve to preserve – Thailand’s new approach to tourism

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Thailand has a long tradition of attracting high numbers of international tourists due to its exoticness and rich culture. 

However, since having become one of the most popular holiday destinations worldwide, mass tourism attributes and artificial attractions became an integrated part on the insular state, which traditionally provides authentic and cultural experiences.

This gave rise to […]

23 09, 2008

Asian Tourism Trends

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For many Asian countries the tourism industry plays an important role in the economy.
Present, the tourism industry continuously deals with trends such as the increase in perceptions of terrorist threat in South East Asia, international trends in eco-tourism, ‘sharing’ tourism, with countries cooperating in offering packages and with the inbound tourism market increasing annually, […]

23 09, 2008

Staying One Step Ahead of the Crowd

By |September 23rd, 2008|Master in Tourism Destination Management, Tourism consumer trends|1 Comment


The article from the New York Times is about emerging travel destinations. It adresses itself  to travellerers who want to stay “one step ahead of the crowd”. It introduces tourism destinations in Asia (where tourism is booming mostly) that are still unknown and are likely to become tourist hotspots. The destinations introduced are Hainan […]

23 09, 2008

Opportunity – Medical Tourism to advance in Caribbean Nations

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This article is related to a major international meeting on “Caribbean Health & Wellness Tourism” hosted jointly by The Caribbean Export Development Agency (Caribbean Export) and Trade Facilitation Office Canada (TFO Canada).

Attracting leaders from Canada and 10 Caribbean nations, the meeting explored ways that these countries can work together to develop Caribbean health and […]

23 09, 2008

Waiting for changes in Cuba

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Cuba has long been an attractive destination for tourists. In the beginning of 20th century, tourism in Cuba flourished by its distance to the United States. However, the relationship of Cuba and United States began to decline and later the US imposed embargoes and issues travel ban to Cuba which severe the tourism sector.
Since […]

22 09, 2008

Singapore: New International Cruise Terminal increases visitor arrivals

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Singapore is developing an International Cruise Terminal at Marine South that will be opened in 2010. With this, Singapore will upgrade the city-state’s cruise facilities, infrastructure and can accommodate the largest ships built now.

Cruise passengers can look forward to easy access and seamless connection to other parts of Singapore. The enhanced cruise […]