17 05, 2017

Student Insights: Field Research at Sri Lanka

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This year, our Master TDM students visited Melbourne, Australia; South Coast, Sri Lanka; and Bali, Indonesia as part of the second phase of their Master programme. Here you can read the blogs of some of our Master TDM students about their field research and reflections from the second destination: Sri Lanka.  Enjoy the read!
Sri Lanka was […]

3 03, 2016

Sydney through the eyes of our Iranian student

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Earlier we had a blogpost about the field research project in Sydney written by one of our German students. As you can imagine it may take a little bit more preparation to travel to Australia for a student from Iran…
…but luckily our Master TDM student from Iran had the opportunity to participate in the […]

1 06, 2015

Publication by former TDM student Tatjana Hildebrandt and dr. Rami Isaac

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This study begins to fill the gap in tourism literature in examining the tourism structures from the perspective of a socialist-market economy with a single-party political system like Vietnam. At present, Central Vietnam (CV) has three different types of administrative layers and existing different tourism structures of destination management organisations (DMOs), like co-operations of […]

18 05, 2015

End of an era!

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Friday 08 May our Master TDM students have finished their second phase by presenting their results in the beautiful meeting room of the W retreat Bali.
 Three months have passed since they embarked their first flight to Melbourne. Their first month in Australia was one to never forget, with many expectations the students were […]

20 04, 2015

Bagan experience: Travel & See

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 Bagan lies in central Myanmar and is one of the world’s greatest archaeological sites framed with a hazy grey sandy atmosphere, a destination that can be compared to Machu Picchu or Angkor Wat. I arrived in Bagan(Nyaung-U) early in the morning 5:25am having traveled over 10 and half hours along […]

25 03, 2015

Master TDM Student story 2nd phase in Myanmar

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Master TDM Research in Myanmar by Eline Bienefelt Today is ten days ago that we arrived in Myanmar, in the capital city Yangon. The first impression of this country is warm, chaotic, and poor but with friendly and open people. Mingalaba! Is what you hear everywhere around you which means: welcome, I’m curious about […]

24 02, 2015

Alumni event @ ITB 4 March

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Invitation: NHTV Alumni get together during ITB in Berlin!

NHTV Breda University of Applied Sciences is one of the oldest and largest research and education institutes in tourism, leisure and hospitality globally. During the almost 50 years of our existence, more than 24,000 studentsgraduated at NHTV Breda. Many of you are currently taking leading […]

30 01, 2015

Story of a TDM Graduate: Marianne Koch

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I still remember the first open day I attended at NHTV in 2009. I entered the main building and was immediately enchanted by the dynamic atmosphere that ruled the hallways. A building filled with international opportunities, people speaking different languages, the main topic being travel & tourism. I instantly felt like I belonged there. […]

26 01, 2015

Open evening coming Thursday 29 January

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Coming Thursday the 29th of January there will be an open day at the NHTV in Breda. The current students will be leaving coming Sunday to the first of three destinations: Melbourne! If you are interested in receiving a similar experience this is your chance to make yourself more familiar with the program! There […]

2 10, 2014

My new TDM family; experiences from our Mexican Master TDM student

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Here you can read the story about the first experiences of our Master TDM student Jesus Cazares Juarez from Mexico.

A few months ago I was just the typical almost-graduated bachelor asking myself the question: “what’s next?”. After hours of looking for future career options in tourism (literally EVERYWHERE in the internet) I made the […]