Project Description

Name: Silja Kühnel // Graduated: 2014 // Location: Utrecht, The Netherlands is a fast-growing company that sells European train passes to customers from all over the world. With these passes travelers can explore Europe by train for a few days or weeks. Our main products are Interrail for European residents and Eurail for residents living outside of Europe.  Our company offers best of both worlds: we are one of the 50 largest e-commerce companies in the Netherlands with a yearly turnover of over 63 million euros. At the same time we are a small company with more than 60 full time employees and several temporary employees. Our shareholders are not that small: is owned by 32 European railway and ferry companies.

Our key markets are: USA, UK, Canada and Australia. However, also travelers from South America, Asia and of course Europe know where to find us. Our headquarters are based in Utrecht, the Netherlands, where daily over 60 young enthusiastic colleagues are maintaining and improving our website, customer service and marketing efforts.