Project Description

Name: Rosalie Lap // Graduated: 2007 // Location: Amsterdam, The Netherlands

My current employer: Webloyalty is a leading e-commerce loyalty partner, specialising in online saving and reward programmes.

Webloyalty helps e-commerce partners in the retail, travel and leisure industry by building stronger and more profitable relationships with their customers. Through our programs, customers of our eCommerce partners can shop at premium brands and save money. As a result, our partners generate an extra revenue stream, recurring customers, repeat purchases and extra customer value.

Webloyalty was established in the UK in 2007 and has since expanded into France, Spain, Ireland, Brazil, Turkey and since 2014 in the Netherlands. In 2011, Webloyalty merged with Affinion Group, a global leader in customer engagement and loyalty solutions. As Marketing Manager I am responsible for the Dutch market.

Main tasks and responsibilities:
– PR & Communications: define messaging, develop and publish content, management of PR and research agencies, ORM
– Digital Marketing: management of all digital channels, SEO, digital content creation, content marketing, social media management
– Trade Marketing: set up thought leadership program, arrange round tables and speaking opportunities