Project Description

Name: Giancarlo Fedeli // Graduated: 2012 // Location: Glasgow, Scotland

My  job includes regular meetings with VisitScotland, the Scottish national board responsible for the national tourism sector; face to face consultation with the tourism local authorities delivering regional data for their monitoring and planning; developing an econometric model that integrates fast moving tourism variables like attendance at visitor attractions, weather and traffic by air, sea and road with economic National Accounts (the foundation of the Tourism Satellite Accounts if this rings a bell to you) to provide bang up-to-date and geographically narrowed data for tourism operators; attending events around the country for Economic Impact Analysis purposes and, last, the involvement as university partner for an exciting EU-funded programme to develop a new yacht cruising tourism route between Ireland and the Arctic Circle areas of Norway.

The world is your oyster!
A student stuck in between China’s power and Australian tourism