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Visitor Management at the Bagan Heritage Site

Gloria Crabolu

Bagan, representing one of the most popular destinations in Myanmar, is facing a sharp increase  in  tourist  arrivals since  the  country  opened  up  to  the  outside  world  in  2011.  Despite  the  economic  benefits  gained  by  tourism, the  site  is  already  facing  damage  which is  harming  both  the conservation of the site and the visitors’ experience.

The aim of this master thesis is to shed light on the current tourism management status and the negative impacts caused by tourism at the Bagan Heritage Site so to give recommendations on how to minimise these and ensure visitors a positive experience.

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Master in Tourism Destination Management graduation dissertation by student Gloria Crabolu (December, 2015)

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Marine Based Tourism (MBT)

Suzanne Wegelin

Playa del Carmen, Quintana Roo in Mexico has rapidly grown from a small fishermen’s settlement to a thriving beach holiday destination for North Americans and Europeans alike. The increase in coastal tourism in this area has brought many investors, who see the economic benefits of developing real estate and tourism infrastructure. However, the economic profit of developing this area takes precedence over the environmental ramifications. With the main attractions of this destination being the beaches, the sea and the aquatic wildlife, adequately dealing with environmental issues and developing the destination in a sustainable way seem to be difficult. Read more… or view the final dissertation below.

Master in Tourism Destination Management graduation dissertation by student Suzanne Wegelin (December, 2015).

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Experiential Marketing in Destination Management

Bernadett Papp

I have written my dissertation in cooperation with the European Travel Commission (ETC) with the aim of contributing towards the work of ETC on the Canadian market. Canada as one of the main overseas target markets of the travel commission has received significantly less attention in terms of promotional and marketing activities than its „big brother” the USA or other larger markets such as Brazil or China. Despite of its smaller size this market has a lot of potentials. Canada is ranked 7th on the list of top 10 spending countries in the world and its outbound tourism has grown significantly in the past 10 years. Despite of the rapid growth Europe’s share in terms of overnight trips has significantly decreased in the past decade. In order to re-gain visitation from this potential market ETC felt the need of an innovative e-marketing strategy that inspires and motivates Canadian travellers to choose European destinations. Read more…or view the final dissertation below.

Master in Tourism Destination Management graduation dissertation by student Bernadett Papp (December, 2015)

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Creative Tourism in Bali’s Rural Communities

Manuela Blapp

Bali’s tourism industry has undergone a serious makeover since the Netherlands started promoting tourism in the Colonial era. Over the last decades, tourist numbers have increased considerably and cultural tourism has transformed into mass tourism. While this development has brought welfare, it also led to a vulnerable economy over-dependent on tourism, unequal distribution of income, commoditization of culture, pollution, waste problems and water scarcity. Bali has started to address these issues and established the Community-Based Tourism Association Bali (CoBTA) which develops tourism in rural areas to improve their welfare. The organization recommends villages to engage in creative tourism to differentiate themselves in an increasingly competitive community-based tourism market.

Master in Tourism Destination Management graduation dissertation by student Manuela Blapp (December, 2015)

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Sustainable wine tourism development applied to the wine valleys in Baja California


Jesús René Cázares Juárez

The development of wine tourism in many wine-producing regions around the world has become an emerging trend towards the achievement of sustainable tourism development in rural areas and the development of new destinations. However, most of the research has taken place in regions located in developed countries on which wine is already an important export and tourism is a consolidated industry (i.e. United States, New Zealand, Australia and Spain) (Alonso, 2011; Alonso & Liu, 2012; Alonso & O’Neill, 2009; Deery, Barry O’Mahony & Moors, 2012; Simpson & Bretherton 2004).

Literature review written for Master TDM subject ITC by student Jesús René Cázares Juárez (December, 2014)

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The Role of Domestic Tourism in Pro-Poor Tourism

Manuela Blapp

Manuela Blapp

Literature review written for Master TDM subject ITC by student Manuela Blapp (December, 2014)

Poverty reduction is one of the major development goals of today’s society and tourism is recognized as a relevant tool to do so. Many researchers have pointed out its potential (e.g. Harrison and Schipani, 2007; Mensah & Amuguandoh, 2010) but there has also been a lot of criticism. Most cited problems are concerned with the large outflow of money, the unequal participation of locals and distribution of the benefits among the communities as well as the high dependency on the developed world (Chock et al., 2007; Harrison and Schipani, 2007; Zapataa, Hallb & Lindoc, 2011).

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