Download the second issue here.

This is the third issue of “TDM Insights”, the online journal of the Master in Tourism Destination Management at the Breda University of Applied Sciences. In “TDM Insights”, alumni present their master dissertation topics that are  discussed by BUas lecturers and other academics and practitioners. The online journal additionally features columns on contemporary issues in tourism submitted by industry experts. Download the third issue of the journal here: TDM Insights – Issue III.

Below you can read a message from the editors.



Dear readers,


We take great pleasure in presenting you with the third issue of Tourism Destination Management Insights (TDMI). Not only do we now have fresh new content for our journal, but since September 1 2018 we also have a fresh new name for our institution: Breda University of Applied Sciences. With the new name we have also started a new strategic period, and together with a new logo, we also have a new corporate identity and a new home – a beautiful former convent.


With over half a century of experience in practice-based higher education and international cooperation the new strategy focusses, among other things, on international education, research and on linking up with our industry partners. TDMI aims to manifest this strategy with examples of research and interventions – aimed at destination management – developed all over the world. Furthermore, we connect this output with thinkers from the academic world and practitioners from industry. We have invited members of our network to comment on the research papers written by the TDM alumni. So, for each research paper you will read a response from both areas.


With some notable exceptions, this current issue has a focus on urban tourism destinations, taking the city and its main elements as object of analysis. We are living in a time marked by political turbulence, social conflicts, inequality, poverty, and all these issues come together in cities. The journal articles cover these topics in different ways, exploring how tourism can lead to positive social impacts. The focus of the papers ranges from people, to places and even animals – as they are all part of the ecosystem of a city, playing an important role in destination management. Tourism can contribute to urban development by promoting sustainability and resilience. The papers in this issue profile different means to achieve that: From art and culture, to technology as well as changing perceptions of a destination.


We are grateful for all the work of our TDM alumni in transforming their theses into papers, and to the respondents as well, for writing reflections from the academic world as well as from the field.


We hope you enjoy the journal and we are already looking forward to the fourth issue,


The editorial team,


Jeroen Klijs (lead)

Celiane Camargo-Borges

Raymond Boland