International Work Experience

In the second phase you will carry out assignments at three different locations in the world. These assignments are written by the staff in cooperation with stakeholders involved in developments of and at tourist destinations.

Three different locations in the world

This fieldwork research project is an important, if not crucial part of the programme. You carry out field research and consultancy assignments at three different locations in the world. These destinations vary each year. Students visit:

  • an area with a typical tourist character (e.g. Bali, Phuket)
  • an urban area with tourism development (e.g. Singapore, Brisbane)
  • a rural area with existing but limited tourism developments (e.g. Palawan / Philippines, Da Nang / Vietnam)

Practical team assignments

Through these assignments, theoretical insights come together with professional skills in management and research. You will also interact with stakeholders at a professional and managerial level as you work in close cooperation with professional and well-known tourism organizations in this area.
The assignments are based on complex subjects relevant to each destination. Based on an initial briefing document, you conduct research, use theory and international case studies, after which you present your advice to stakeholders. These presentations offer a great opportunity for professional interaction and discussion between students, staff and stakeholder representatives.

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