Master of Arts in Tourism Destination Management

Why choose the Master in Tourism Destination Management at the Breda University of Applied Sciences (BUas)?


Understand the complex interrelations of stakeholders at the tourism destination.


Every year we work with a highly international group of students

International Study Environment

Every year we work with a highly international group of students

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During the 1-year study, our students gain 3 months of workfield experience in Asia


Our master is a course of the internationally recognized Breda University


Tourism has developed into a dynamic and fast growing sector, creating an interdisciplinary field of study and research. The tourism industry offers economic benefits, growth and opportunities for people and businesses in destination areas. At the same time, matching demand (tourists) and supply (destinations) remains a challenge. The position of the destination areas is becoming more and more important. This master in Tourism Destination Management is designed to contribute to this, focusing on practice, perspectives and policies of tourism management at destinations.


International opportunity: students and staff provide the proof!

The Tourism Master is loaded with incredible opportunities. Staff and students work together for a great experience. The proof is in the produced research papers, the international careers and the fantastic team of lecturers.

Tourism Master Research


Read our research publications, theses, papers and reports from TDM staff and students. Many of the publications can be downloaded for free!

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Tourism Master Careers


Read about career examples of our Tourism Destination Management master graduates. Read more about their jobs and how our study programme has helped them.

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Tourism Master Team

Meet the team

Take a look at who your lecturers will be and what their background is.

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About BUas


Breda University of Applied Sciences has a strong international focus. The institute caters to more than 7,700 students from over 60 countries. It is situated in Breda, in the south of the Netherlands, only 100 km from both Amsterdam and Brussels. Overall, approximately 20,000 young people are studying in Breda. BUas was founded in 1966 as an institute offering management programmes in tourism and leisure and in this field, it is the largest and leading education institution in the world. BUas, some facts…

  • … an extensive international network through a 50-year tradition in tourism education
  • … one of the leading and specialised institutions in the field of tourism studies in the world
  • … focusing on practice, perspectives and policies of developments of and at tourism destinations
  • … studying together with students from diverse nationalities, is possibly the strongest resource
  • … certified by the UN World Tourism Organization
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International professionals in tourism can make a big difference!

This master’s programme offers graduates the required qualifications for international managerial and consultancy positions with private, public or non-profit organisations in the tourism sector.

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