Major sport event like the Olympic Games, is not effecting the hosting region just during the period in which the event occur, but also before and after the event. Preparation for the Olympics is a long-term event including the years even before the region is chosen to be the host. Now when London is the host city for the 2012 Summer Olympic Games, there are great many benefits expected not just for the city but also for the country. Increases not just in international arrivals are expected but also increases for the GDP of the country, government and private investments, international investments and new full time job places are expected as well.

Article summary by Borislav Hadziev, based on research by Adam Blake, Christel DeHaan (Tourism and Travel Research Institute, Nottingham University Business School)

Looking at the Olympic Games, we can see that they are always in benefit for the hosting city, region or country. The Games have been used in the past form governments to prove political stability in countries, and nowadays to improve image of a country, basis for improving the economic stability and bustling tourism. Viewing the results and the expectations from the Olympics in Beijing we can see that the main purpose of the event was improving the image of the country and attract more foreign visitors. Now the government of UK has huge expectations about the economic impact in long-term of the Olympic games. Expectations for increasing GDP by almost 2.15 billion euro and more than 8000 full time jobs created, everything in the period from 2005 to 2016 (the period form choosing London for host and four years after). Further more the country is expecting increasing to massive numbers of visitors domestic and mostly foreign.

Because all of the benefits many countries are biding for the Olympics for improving the country’s image and for straightening their economics. One of the many benefits is the media, because of the huge interest in the event, the television rights are bringing huge financial income and are great advertisement for the country. Also mega events like that are long used for to the tourism industry to be improved and more and more international visitors to be attracted to the country. Statistic shows that more than the 50 percent of the athletes and their sporting stuff are coming back to the host city after the Olympics.

On the other hand we have publications that are criticizing the Olympic Games and are claiming that the impact of the Games over the region is overestimated. Such statements are based on the fact that there can not be précised statistics and numbers for the visitors and the money they spend on the place. Also for proof for statements like this are particular cases like the Olympics in Munich (Germany) and Montreal (Canada) that suffered financial loses in hundreds of millions of dollars.

Despite every aspect of the discussion it can be claimed that the Olympic Games are great event which is desired by almost every country in the world. Statistic shows that the chance for the Games to be successful and beneficial is more than 80 %. Event from such a magnitude is affecting the area in almost every aspect, cultural, infrastructural and financial and this is the main reasons for the Games to be so desired. There can be no doubt that the place is marked with “before and after” when it is chosen for host for an event like the Olympic Games.