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Now that the Master TDM students are already five months into the program, it is time to bring their theoretical knowledge to a practical level. Therefore, the program coordinators decided to create a great excursion for the students to get to know the tourism industry a little bit better. What could be a better place to get to know some real-life experience into tourism and its industry than the amazing city of Amsterdam?! Overall, the study trip ‘Meet the tourism Industry in Amsterdam’ included two days with presentations of local businesses and get-togethers of all students. In the following, the program is presented to give you a good insight into what the students experienced during their time in Amsterdam. This blog post is about the first day of the experience and a follow-up blog post will give you more insight into day two.

First stop Amsterdam Marketing Organization 

Amsterdam Marketing is the tourism Destination Marketing Organization (DMO) whose core business is the promotion and development of Amsterdam and its outer regions to domestic and international tourists. The company was able to create the strong brand named ‘Iamsterdam’ which is aimed to market Amsterdam as an attractive destination for business and leisure visitors. Nico Mulder, who is the manager in Consumer Marketing, presented detailed information on their target markets, stakeholders, regional developments as well as the business processes. Nico gave handy and very interesting insights into the company’s practices and in which direction they, as well as Amsterdam as a destination, are developing in the future.










Guest speaker: Nico Mulder (Check out Nicos’s LinkedIn profile)


Second stop – TravelBird B.V

Travelbird is a web-based tour-operator, situated in Amsterdam at the Keizersgracht. The business started operating in 2010 with the idea to offer packaged tours, events, cruises or nearly any form of tour you could think of. Two employees from the recruiting department gave a general overview of the company’s history and business model. The main aim of TravelBird is to inspire the visitor market that is undecided for their next vacation with discount deals and a variety of tours. Laura van Meer, who is an alumni of the Master TDM program at NHTV, is currently employed as an Account Manager at the company. She was very kind in giving an inspirational and informative presentation about her daily work and her objectives in the organization.











Guest speaker: Laura van Meer (Check out Laura’s LinkedIn profile)

Third stop – Booking.com

Lust but not least, the students of the Master TDM program were able to visit the headquarter office building of Booking.com at the Herengracht. Booking.com is an E-commerce business that has been operating for about 20 years until today. They are specialized in all sorts of holiday accommodations and one of their main characteristics is the fact that all of their 800.000+ properties are directly bookable via their website. Another alumni of the Master TDM program, Julio Benedetti, gave a great introduction to the organization as his field of employment as a Senior Partner Support Coordinator. Furthermore, Morten Larsen, who is currently the Commercial Owner at Booking.com, described his story of the last seven years working for the company. Both of the speakers were very inspiring for the current TDM students besides responding to all their questions.


Julio_benedettibookingcom_office morten_Larsen_booking







Guest speaker: Julio Benedetti (Check out Julio’s LinkedIn profile)

Guest speaker: Morten Larsen (Check out Morten’s LinkedIn profile)